Safety Gate: the EU rapid alert system for dangerous non-food products

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8 months ago
by pseudotrash



Found in a thrift store recently:

An AC cord, 3-pin (earthed) plugs on both ends, with 2-conductor wiring in between. Spotted 'cause cable was damaged. Even the cable itself carried markings like "3x 0.75mm^2" despite having 2 conductors in it.

This was a one-piece cable (with 'non-replaceable' plugs), so came like that out of the factory. Covered in all the usual certification / safety markings.

Yes... Chinese made. And certainly not a mistake but intentional deception + cost cutting.

I know, many Chinese manufacturers just don't care, and will produce whatever [someone] tells them to produce.

But BOY, how much I would have loved to have a word with manufacturer person in charge of that production run, and question their ethics. And maybe beat 'em up or something.

"You don't care about (potentially) life-or-death safety of random person using YOUR cord? If found by someone with authority, ENTIRE batch of such cords will be recalled, with you or your customer footing the bill, and you don't care about that either?"

I really have a hard time grasping the level of negligence displayed there. And "sorry I had no idea" doesn't apply - you're an AC cable manufacturer, for f%#! sake.

Sadly it's 100% certain such deadly-accident-waiting-to-happen products are commonplace out there. I've got more examples from personal experience alone.

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> An AC cord, 3-pin (earthed) plugs on both ends

You mean it had PLUGS on both end? That's not a cable, that's a murder attempt!

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What country/continent was this?

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less than a year ago I was able to find male to male power cables on amazon lol

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omg the baby self feeding pillows

edit: loads of them

I suppose they have had to really scale up the testing/alert system in the last decade or so due to influx of millions of new products

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Holy shit, how the hell did this ever become a product?! Absolute insanity.

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I mean this is obviously a bad idea, but:

> During self-feeding, the baby is not able to control the flow of fluid. The fluid will continue to flow even if the baby is not swallowing. This may lead to choking.

Eh? Nothing comes out of the bottle if the baby isn't suckling. The baby is able to control the flow of fluid very easily.

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omg indeed. Are those pillow 'handles' suppose to work as handcuffs?

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Is this a new frontend to Rapex? Did they rename Rapex?

Because consumer safety warnings (often toys with swallowing/strangulating hazards) have been available on some EU web site for years (decades, probably).

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I didn't know the EU had a centralised platform for recalls like this.

It's quite interesting to see toxic perfume bottles listed right next to cars ( That's a lot of recall variety for one single platform!

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I read the name and was looking for where the corruption scandal was, but instead it is a consumer protection site.

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